Constitutional Law Debate

American government has divided or separated their government into three branches which are legislative, executive and judicial.  These branches are specified to maintain laws and regulations in the country and on the basis of that they are assigned with basic powers.

The legislative branch is associated with constructing rules and regulations by declaring certain acts are crimes. Speaking about executive branch, then it recognizes people who have violated certain rules and judicial branch is responsible to punish each and every criminal. (Trethan, 2012)

Executive branch include president, vice president and other cabinet level people. Obviously, the main power is associated with president; then after president it is vice president who has authority to deal with crimes related to country’s defense, interior, education and transport.

Legislative branch includes member of Senate and House of Representatives. They are responsible for assisting in allocation of funds and passing of national laws. Judicial branch, which has a duty of decision making, is done in supreme courts and other federal courts. There work is same like that of any court that is to hear the cases, listen to the arguments, identify between wrong and right, prepare decisions according to that and punish people those who has committed illegal activities. (NFOJA, 2010)
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