UE4 MP Stealth

**Built In Unreal Engine 4 v4.18.2**
**100% Done In Blueprints**

This is an ability prototype I call stealth. When it is activated it turns the character invisible. While invisible the ability starts draining from an energy pool until it is depleted. When it is depleted it turns the character back visible and starts regening the engery pool.

This is also setup to work no matter how many materials the character may have, it will apply the stealth to all the materials contained on the character.

After the ability ends it will start an ability cooldown, the ability can not be reactivated until the cooldown is over.

This is also setup for use in multiplayer games, all the mechanics and the ability replicate.

**Please See The Video For Further Information**

Tutorial For Combing My Other Abilites Into A Single Project

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