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BSHS 425 Week 1 Human
Service Programs: Commonalities & Successes Paper

Write a 350-to 700-word paper on what makes human service
organizations unique from organizations in the general business world. Examples
of human service organizations include the Department of Social Services,
mental health agencies, adoption agencies, and Area Agencies on Aging.

  • Include the
    common denominator or central focus of all human service programs.

  • Describe
    trends of human service.

  • Identify
    qualities of human service agencies that are associated with and
    contribute to success.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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BSHS 425 Week 2 Empowerment
Approach with Your INDIVIDUAL Dream Agency HSM Paper


Envision the ideal human service agency YOU (not the team) would like to
create. This is your Dream Human Service Agency.  It is something you have
always thought of and now is your opportunity to create it on paper!

**Note: It is NOT an existing agency as was
discussed in Week 1 for the Team Assignment--Community Agency Interviews.

 You will use the Empowerment Approach as described in the text,
with your Dream Agency idea and write about it. 

 Review the 12 principles presented by Hardina et al. in the
section titled “Humans Service Organizations and Empowerment” in Ch. 4 of Management of Human Service Programs. Additional resources may be used.

Discuss the principles that characterize an empowerment approach to human service

Evaluate how you might apply these principles to the developmental processes of
your own Dream Human Service Agency.

Write a 1,050  to 1,400-word paper that applies the principles mentioned
above, to YOURDream Human Service Agency.

Specifically, address the following:

  • How clients
    will be included in the organizational decision-making processes

  • How your
    dream agency will decrease a sense of powerlessness with your clients
    and increase access and quality of services for them

  • Identify what
    measures your dream human service agency will use to ensure diverse
    cross-cultural needs are met

  • Consider and
    include the applicable areas of diversity: socioeconomic background,
    culture, age, gender, sexual identity, spirituality, disability, and other
    unique differences.

  • Include
    the ideological belief systems you, as a manager, would use. Describe
    how empowerment plays a role for the overall agency, staff members,
    and clients.

  • Describe how
    the concepts of team building and collaboration are met within your

  • Include the
    strategies you will use to evaluate your agency for it's effectiveness in
    meeting the needs you want to address with your clients. How will you
    solicit and use feedback from clients, community groups, and staff members
    within your agency.

**Note: This Individual Assignment will become part of the Learning Team
Assignment in Week 3. It will be shared with your team.  There will be
more information on this in Week 3.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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BSHS 425 Week 2 Community
Agency Interviews Part II

Complete Part II of University of Phoenix Material: Community Agency Interviews. 

**See Full Community Agency Interview Assignment in student materials.

II: Agency Interview Plan

Please describe your Agency Interview Plan in 350 words (1 page).

The plan should include the following:

  • Name of the
    human service agency your team chose, a brief description of the agency,
    their target population, types of programming or services they offer

  • Purpose or
    mission of the agency, including goals or values if indicated

  • Each team
    member should include the dates of scheduled visits/phone calls for the
    interview, what position that person holds, or their role in the human
    service agency.

(Make sure this information is included in
your paper and in your final assignment)

  • What
    information does your team hope to gain from the interview and
    how this will be helpful.

Submit the plan in Week 2.

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BSHS 425 Week 2 Learning
team Charter

Learning Team Charter. See form in Student Materials to the right. 

ensure it is clear what each person's contribution is. You can either indicate
this by different colored font or simply putting the person's name next to
their contribution on each question.

me know if any questions!



BSHS 425 Week 3 Diversity
in the Workplace: Implications for Human Resource Development Paper

in the Workplace: Implications for Human Resource Development Paper

This assignment is about Diversity in the Workplace and how Human Resources
Departments put practices in place that are required and fair.


The first part is to discuss your own personal experience with
discrimination.  However, I realize that some people have not experienced
this personally. Therefore, please see the instructions in italics for more detail on what is being asked for in this

Write a 1,050- to 1,400 word paper that includes your personal experiences with
discrimination, diversity in the workplace and describe how diversity is
important with human resource department processes and development.

  • Discuss a
    time at your workplace when you experienced or
    observed discrimination. Include a brief description of the
    event and the work environment the discrimination occurred (Omit identifying demographic
    information and use fictitious names as needed.)  (If you
    have ever been subjected to or observed another being discriminated at
    your present place of employment or a prior, tell about that
    information. Just a brief explanation of what happened. If you haven't and
    know a family or friend who has, you can write a brief description about
    that. If NEITHER apply, it is OK, please continue on with the rest of the

  • Federal and
    state legislation that supports fair workplace practices  (Tell what these
    are--research this or you should find in your text)

  • The
    responsibilities of human resource managers and their implications
    concerning race, culture, age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual or
    religious beliefs, and disabilities (Research this or you should find in
    your text)

  • How risk
    management strategies support equity within the workplace  (What is risk
    management? Why is it important in agencies? Research this or you should
    find in your text)

  • Why issues of
    diversity within the workplace are paramount for human service workers and
    for management of human service organizations (How do diversity issues affect the
    agency? Research this or you should find in your text)

  • How this
    experience or observation may influence issues of diversity with your own
    original Dream Agency Idea or for Your Learning Team's
    choice for the Dream Agency and Presentation in Week 5.  (If you had an experience or
    saw discrimination, how will this influence you with your practices with
    the Team's chosen Dream Agency? It may not at all, but there may be things
    you want to add in your Human resources dept. or you may not change a
    thing. If you have not witnessed or experienced anything, speculate on
    what you would like to include)

  • How this
    would apply to the development and management aspects of human resources.
    Agency has a Human Resources Dept. How would you apply all of the above to
    the development of your Human Resources Dept.?)

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit in the assignment tab.



BSHS 425 Week 3 Dream Agency
Team Assignment Proposal

II: Plan (Proposal)--Due in Week 3


As a team you will discuss, share ideas and exchange your individual
assignments from Week 2. After review, you will discuss and agree on ONE Dream
Agency out of your group and then develop a proposal.

A proposal or your plan, will include the type of agency it is, the need,
the population served, how many staff and the type, etc.

NOTE: Pretend that you are trying to approach a funder who has money to give you
for your Dream Agency, but they first want to know what it is all about. This
is where the plan or the proposal comes in.

Many other people in the community will also be trying to get this money
for their Dream Agency. Therefore, your agency must shine on paper!

It must include all of the components listed below in Part II.

Discuss the following with the team:

  • What
    population would you like to serve?

  • What needs in
    your diverse communities are currently unmet? How are cross-cultural needs
    and issues of diversity included?

  • What does this
    Learning Team feel passionate about in terms of meeting a community need?

  • What values
    do Learning Team Members share in common?

  • What vision
    would Team Members like to see for their dream agency?

  • What might be
    the overall mission?

  • How will the
    general goals of operation entail?

  • Address
    agency objectives using the SMART acronym found the "Specification of
    Objectives" section of Management of Human Service Programs.

  • Include
    discussion on budget development and importance of resource acquisitions
    such as grants, contracts, and contributions.

Discuss the dream agency vision, mission, and value statements for strategic
planning of dream human service organization as described in the "Strategic Planning"
section in Ch. 3, starting on pg. 48 in the text.

Include major goals and objectives for the Dream Human Service Organization that
contribute to effective program service design and delivery.

Ensure objectives are clear and measureable through use of the SMART acronym
described in Ch. 3 of Management
of Human Service Programs
(pg. 95)

Write a 700 to 1,050-word plan (proposal) that identifies the following for your
dream human service program:

  • Vision

  • Mission

  • Values
    statements for strategic planning of dream human service organization

  • Major goals
    and objectives using SMART (pg. 61)

  • Budget
    development and management processes

  • Importance of
    resource acquisitions (grants, contracts, and contributions)

Submit in Week Three.



BSHS 425 Week 4 Supervisory
Roles & Theories of Motivation Paper


Every agency has supervisors and you will need to understand the roles,
the strategies, and the approaches used to operate within a human service

Consider how this information may be applied to either your own original
idea for your Dream Agency or the Learning Team's choice for the Dream Agency.

Review objectives from Week Four and "The Supervisory Process" in Ch.7
of Management
of Human Service Programs

Write a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper that presents how key elements of the
supervisory process are influenced by theories of motivation.

  • Clarify the
    prominent roles of a supervisor and discuss how a supervisor uses the
    empowerment approach to achieve organizational effectiveness.

  • Provide a
    brief overview of the theories of motivation presented in the
    textbook that will work best within the development of your own Dream
    Agency or your Team's chosen Dream Agency.

  • Discuss why
    these strategies were selected. Specifically, what are the
    anticipated benefits? What are the anticipated challenges?

  • Identify how
    the principles of motivation will be applied within an empowerment

  • Explain how
    motivation theory supports an organizational culture wherein clients
    play the role of collaborative, active participants in agency
    decision-making processes.

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



BSHS 425 Week 4 Community
Agency Interviews Part IV


Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
that integrates the findings from the Learning Team discussion from Week One to
Week Three, the Learning Team agency interview proposal, and the interview

The presentation should be comprehensive and highlight the key findings of
team member agency interviews. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Introductory

  • Six agency
    functions (one
    slide for each function)

1.      Planning: vision, mission, goals

2.     Design

3.     Development of human resources

4.     Supervision

5.     Budget and management of finance

6.     Monitoring and evaluation: What are the purposes and
advantages? How does information technology support the design process?

Please also discuss:

  • Role of

  • Influence of
    environmental factors

  • Description
    of lessons learned

  • Conclusion
    slide with brief summary

**See Full Assignment in Student materials.

Submit the presentation on  Day 7
(Monday) in Week Four.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



BSHS 425 Week 5 Dream
Human Service Program Team Presentation Part III

III: Presentation

Everything in this class is tied
together.  Review
read and written , including  papers and posts to see how all of the
information has been discussed to prepare you for the Final Presentation in
Week 5.

Discuss among Learning Team members highlights of different perspectives presented
within each team member's individual papers.

Address the key elements that best describe the Learning Team's collaborative
Dream Agency.

By now, the team should have agreed on ONE Dream Agency that includes a
specific marginalized population, addresses issues of diversity, and includes a
succinct mission, purpose, goals, and objectives that are clear and measurable.

Create a MS® PowerPoint® presentation of 10 to 15 slides to illustrate the application of the
conceptual framework for human service management from Figure 1.1,  Ch. 1, pg. 9
in the text.

Incorporate the team's Dream Human Service Agency and include the following elements:

  • Six elements
    of human service management, including an explanation of how leadership
    influences each element to contribute to your agency's success.

  •  A
    fictionalized community meeting that announces the GRAND OPENING of the
    Team's Dream Agency: Ensure that, agency leaders, staff, potential
    clients, beneficiaries, other pertinent stakeholders are included in the
    empowerment approach that uses a systems perspective of management. (Refer to the 12
    principles in Ch. 4, pg. 95.)

  • Clearly
    describe the Learning Team's Dream Agency. Ensure that the mission,
    purpose, goals, and objectives use the SMART strategies  in Ch.
    3 of the text

  • A minimum of
    the following people and their roles should be described and included in
    your presentation.

  • Program

  • A staff

  • A prospective

  • A board

**Use Speaker notes if necessary.

Submit the presentation on Monday, Day 7
in Week Five.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



BSHS 425 Week 5 Organizational Change & Leadership
from a Systems Perspective Paper

Assignment: Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems
Perspective Paper

Consider the characteristics of either YOUR idea for the Dream Agency or the
ones your team members agreed upon in Week 3.

Write a 1400-to 1750-word paper that answers the following questions:

  • What kind of
    leadership you believe would best benefit the dream agency?

  • How did you
    come to this conclusion given factors that comprise this human service
    program and given qualities and characteristics of the staff?

  • What
    leadership traits, competencies, and theories would be most appropriate
    for the ideal leader of your dream agency?

  • From a
    systems perspective, what is the organizational force that binds and
    energizes each element and function of human service management?

  • What are the
    important managerial elements or subsystems (six functions) that work
    together to contribute to the efficacy of your dream human service

  • What is
    leadership's role in this conceptual framework for human service

Format your report consistent with APA guidelines.

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