Narnia Two - Flexible grid based Tumblr theme

Check out our demo here! Designed to put your work in the forefront, Narnia Two is a flexible grid based theme created for creatives. Perfect for uploading your own photos or reblogging other inspirational images. You have full control over the look of your blog with this feature packed theme. Smart Columns - Choose any number posts and make the grid use the whole screen. Alternate headers - Choose between a top menu bar, centered page title and no header at all. Check the previews for an example. iPad optimized - iPad users will see your posts in 2 columns. Full Screen Background - Use a photo as your background. This will fill the whole screen. Highlight posts - Add a tag of #highlight to your post to make it stand out on your blog. The post will become enlarged. 1 Click Like & Reblog - Straight from the home page, no need to visit the permalink. Social/Widgets - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Google + buttons on the permalink pages. Instagram and twitter feed on home page + Google Analytics. 4 Post display states - Either show posts on their own, posts with a caption, posts with tumblr controls or show all.
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