When analyzing my personal communication skills there are a lot of areas of communication that I didn’t realize existed until this class. Communication is perhaps one of the single most important aspects of my life as I love people and have dedicated my life to serving and helping others and as a result, I have in recent years come to understand that communication is the single bridge in mastering relationships and building report. Simply put, it is the ‘”bridge of meaning among people so that they can share what they feel and know”’(Agarwal, 2010). Using the bridge of communication in order to connect and relate to others from different educational backgrounds, age, cultures, races, genders, and knowing which method to use the bridge is oftentimes difficult for me as I realize there is an individual approach that has to be used when communicating to different people. Such individual approaches are especially noticeable in the older adult population as physiological and cognitive barriers interfere with communication. While we in the healthcare profession focus on treating people the same as stated by Berry (2007), it’s often more difficult to do in the aforementioned sub populations.
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