BUS610 Wk3 Disc1

Self-esteem and self-efficacy play a large role in motivation – especially considering the impact that is made by how someone feels about themselves. Since self-efficacy refers to how well a person believes they can accomplish a task, and self-esteem refers to how a person evaluates themselves (Baack, 2012), the ability to create and maintain motivation in the workplace begins with the individual and leads to how they affect the company as a whole. Self-esteem is the basis for how a person would conceivably handle a situation, given that typically a person with high self esteem are more positive and have the propensity to make more risky decisions (Baack, 2012). Self-efficacy, therefore, is directly proportionate to self-esteem – given that a person with high self-esteem will most likely be more confident in his or her own success.
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