C++ LinkList Solution

FIRST PART: (** I created the LinkList already thats already complete.. Will attach file**) Design your own linked list class that works as a template class. It should provide
member functions for appending, inserting and deleting nodes. The destructor should destroy the list. The class should also provide a member function that will display the contents of the list to the screen. The class should also provide a member function
to search the list for an element in the list. The search should return the index (location) of the item in the list. So if it is the first element in the list then it should return 0. If the item is not in the list, it should return -1. Have main create two
instances of the linked list with different data types and show that all of the functions work correctly. SECOND PART: (**majority of this program is done but I need it to displayList(), its not working right. Might need to be overloaded.. Will attach files**)
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