SOCIVIDS - The Ultimate Video Marketing & List Building Software

Dear Colleague,

Quite simply watch the video above and you'll soon realise that at the introductory Special Offer Price of Just $47 "Socivids" is an absolute no brainer that you really do need to buy today before the price rises dramatically in the near future.

SociVids enables you to take any YouTube video in the world and add your own buy now, call to action bar, JV Zoo, or Paypal button right on top of it.

You can also add your own completely functional opt-in form, too.

That means you can use other people’s videos to build your list, make affiliate sales, and sell your own products.

You can also make way more money off of your own videos, too.

AND then you can use these videos as super cheap Facebook ads, and build a list/sell products from DIRECTLY inside the Facebook newsfeed.

This video demo here shows how you’ll be able to do ALL of these things, with no tech skill, in less than 60 seconds:

Users will then be pre-sold by the video and convert into sales or affiliate commissions at a higher rate than ever before, giving videos MAXIMUM CONVERSION POWER with the flip of a switch.

And you can finally FORGET about the time, expense, and hassle of making videos from scratch.

Step-by-step video tutorials included:

An 8 year old can use SociVids to turn any video into a conversion maximizing tool, but even still, you'll access detailed instructional videos to ensure that you take advantage of all of the powerful features you're about to access.

Turn ANY YouTube video into a profit machine:

Imagine listing relevant products on training, information, pre-sell, and sales videos. Customers see it as a relevant value add-on and be more likely to buy your affiliate products, sign up to your lists, and complete your CPA offers!

LIFETIME Access Included:

So when you consider that you have the opportunity for LIFE TIME access to SociVids for one tiny investment of just $47... when ANYTHING this powerful normally comes with a high monthly fee...I know you'll jump into SociVids with excitement and eagerness to get going!

World's best customer support:

You'll be impressed and happy with the support team that's here at your fingertips. Any questions you have will be answered with lightning speed and utmost care. Whatever you need; we're here for you.

And SociVids is NOT just about Facebook... Share your videos ANYWHERE you want and reap more profits, sales, and subscribers than ever!

Are you READY...

To pair any video in the world with SociVids to have more success online than ever before?

SociVids Will Let You:

Make sales and affiliate/CPA commissions from INSIDE ANY YouTube video in the world:

Drive sales for ANY products from inside ANY YouTube video - doesn't have to be your own.

You'll sell more of:

Your One to One Therapy Sessions

Your own digital products

Physical products

Affiliate products

CPA offers

Amazon products


Just paste your product, affiliate link, or CPA inside ANY video and let that video do the work of selling for you!

That means you can put:

An opt-in form

A CPA link

An affiliate link

A JV Zoo buy now button

A paypal button

A call to action...

Countdown Timers


INSIDE ANY YouTube VIDEO in the world!

Just paste your product, affiliate link, or CPA inside ANY video and let that video do the work of selling for you!

Add a working opt-in form that users will be able to fill out from DIRECTLY INSIDE any video. That means the video you use will work as a squeeze page without EVER having to create a squeeze page...

You don't need a website, a domain, or ANYTHING except for any video in the WORLD and SociVids to collect leads faster than ever.

Make MORE MONEY from your own videos, without working on sales copy or design.

By allowing viewers to click through to sales pages and click on your affiliate links from inside any video, you'll make more sales without ANY extra effort.

Leverage other people's videos, AND other people's products, to make YOU easy money.

You don't need your own video...

...And you don't need your own products.

Take any embeddable YouTube video, and take any affiliate link, and you have a guaranteed unique selling tool with absolutely no hassle at all.

Share your SociVids video on Facebook for your best performing ads EVER.

Use SociVids in your Facebook ads and drive sales and opt-ins where people NEVER have to leave Facebook!

Remember, Facebook HEAVILY FAVORS ads that KEEP PEOPLE on Facebook!

And with buy buttons and opt-in forms DIRECTLY in your videos, DIRECTLY INSIDE THE NEWSFEED, you'll reap all the benefits of keeping people ON Facebook...

That means your Facebook APPROVED, your ads will be DIRT CHEAP, and deadly effective.

Get ready for a whole new world of Facebook profits like you've never seen before.

And SociVids is NOT just about Facebook... Share your videos ANYWHERE you want and reap more profits, sales, and subscribers than ever!

SERIOUSLY if you want more Clients or Customers, desire to sell more products and/or want to be able to add tons of new subscribers to your database/list then YOU NEED ACCESS TO THIS SOFTWARE.

When you purchase you will ultimately end up getting a unique username and password (Sent to you within 24 Hours Maximum of purchase) allowing you Lifetime Entry to the Exclusive Members Area Website Online Dashboard.
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