AED222 Week 3 final project matrix

are children and youth whose behavioral and emotional

responses are so different from appropriate age, cultural, or

ethnic norms that their educational performance is affected






Rule breaking



 Social skills deficits

 Social withdrawal

 Attention deficits
The prevalence of students with EBD is less than 1% of the school aged population. There is great concern that certain groups of students are overrepresented.

For example, compared to white students, African Americans are approximately

1.7 times more likely to be identified.
Approximately one third are educated in general education

facilities but are outside of general education classes 60% of

The day.

Students with EBD are four times more likely than all others

With disabilities to be educated in separate facilities.
Approximately one third are arrested during their school

Years. Approximately one half are unemployed 3 to 5 years after

leaving school
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