BUS 610 Performance and Motivation

Many performance issues result from underlying motivational problems in the work environment. Typically employee’s performance is affected due to conflict with managers and coworkers. Emotional intelligence plays a major factor when communicating with others as emotions often take control. Evaluation of personal feelings and recognizing others emotional cues will help to resolve issues that are hindering motivation and goal attainment.

     Individual differences affect performance in the work area in variety of ways. One particular way is how a person responds to conflict in the work area.  Negative interactions with supervisors or colleagues are most often the cause of lack of motivation at work. Negative interactions with supervisors and colleagues are most often the cause of bad feelings at work. These feelings affect productivity, attendance and retention rate.  Feelings are self –perpetuating one bad encounter with a boss or colleague can ruin the rest of an employee’s day and pass a bad mood to others as well. People prefer to be around coworkers who are upbeat and actively seek to work with these individuals
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