XACC 280 Week 7 Exercise - Career Opportunities for Accountants

Exercise: Career Opportunities for Accountants
• Post your response to the following items:
o Describe two business sectors you might want to work in if you were an accountant and explain why in 150 to 200 words
Research a specific company in on of the business sectors that interests you and describe how you imagine it might be to work there. Use 100 to 150 words for your description

I think that the best place to work as an accountant would be in Government Accounting. While government accountants do not make as much money as others do, the benefits are amazing. I think that working for a government agency as an accountant would give me the sense of enlistment, just without the enlistment and the uniform. By maintaining and examining the government agency I work for, I would be assisting in ensuring that revenues are received and expenditures are received in accordance to the laws and regulations. The IRS would probably be a good service to work for.
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