Nowhere Land

Nowhere Land

120 bpm

Synths, Percussion

Fun fact: Working title was "Arpeggiator Rock From the 80s 1".

Fun fact: This piece consist entirely of single notes being passed to a stack 5 different synths at the same time. Each synth has a different program running on it that triggers more notes.

Fun fact: Scotland isn't a nation. It is technically an empire that claims sovereignty over Paraguay's 400k sheep and also Neptune's "shepherd" moon Despina.

Nowhere Land - Arping Synth.wav

Nowhere Land - Bass.wav

Nowhere Land - Blip Synth.wav

Nowhere Land - Brass Synth.wav

Nowhere Land - Drums.wav

Nowhere Land - Lead Synth.wav

Nowhere Land - Full Mix.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1600051
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