PRG 420 Week 3 Learning Team Quality Control Sheet Review


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3 Learning Team: Quality Control Sheet Review

As one of the
requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program, you
must design and develop a computer program using professional principles and

Complete an evaluation of each team member's
Individual program assignment using the QC sheet your team developed in Week
Two. Consider the following: 

  • Make sure that the source code submitted for
    evaluation is the same one that is submitted for the Individual

  • As a team, agree on a deadline for members to have
    the evaluations completed. This is necessary so the team has time to
    compile all members' evaluations. Team members who do not meet the
    evaluation deadline will not receive full credit for this assignment.

  • Each Learning Team should organize their input and
    submit one file only.

  • Note that using pop-up comments (such as
    <SHIFT-F2 in Microsoft® Excel®) is not
    acceptable. Team members are encouraged to provide unique comments for
    each other. 

Submit your team's completed QC sheet using the
Assignment Files tab.
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