Acc202 Survey of Accounting: E14-2 Welch Company, which expects to start operations

Acc202 Survey of Accounting
Exercise 14-2 Preparing a sales budget
Welch Company, which expects to start operations on January 1, 2011, will sell digital cameras in shopping malls. Welch has budgeted sales as indicated in the following table. The company expects a 10 percent increase in sales per month for February and March. The ratio of cash sales to sales on account will remain stable from January through March.
Sales January February March
Cash sales 40,000 ? ?
Sales on account 100,000 ? ?
Total budgeted sales 140,000 ? ?

a. Complete the sales budget by filling in the missing amounts.
b. Determine the amount of sales revenue Welch will report on its first quarter pro forma income statement.
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