by Dave Sim
PDF, 167 pages
(Originally published in 1997, updated in 2010)

"Out of print for years, this is the self-publishing guide everyone swears by. Light on technical specifics but heavy on what it really takes to be a successful self-publishing cartoonist, the co-creator of the world's longest graphic novel brings his 30-plus years of experience to a step-by-step guide to what you need to do and what work habits you require to hope for a chance at success in today's ultra-competitive direct market. Updated with new material assessing the pros and cons of the computer revolution that continues to rock the comics publishing world from top to bottom."


"...the Bible for self-publishers, collecting all the pertinent essays and speech transcriptions from Dave's long-running self-published title Cerebus... this is highly recommended reading - absolutely essential for any prospective creator, self-publisher or not... densely packed pages of invaluable advice and guidance covering virtually every aspect of starting your own comic."
- Gary Spencer Millidge, Strangehaven

"Without a doubt I would not want to enter this industry as a creator without having read this first, regardless of whether I intended to self-publish or sell my creativity to/through other publishers... Dave addresses almost every aspect of successful comicbook publication and a great many aspects of comicbook creation including the nuts and bolts of what it takes to stay on schedule and impress a potential readership into buying your wares. But as much as it's an encouragement to create professionally and hold onto your creative rights, it's in equal measure a wake-up call for those deluding themselves into imagining they have enough drive and self-discipline to do any of the above."
- Stephen Holland, Page 45

“Dave lays out the hard, true realities of self-publishing far better than I ever could. Required reading.”
- Jane Irwin,

“It was Cerebus and [the] Guide to Self-Publishing that helped me decide that making comics was what I wanted to do.”
- Troy Little,

“It’s really informative and thought-provoking ...”
- Gareth Hinds,

“I read through Dave Sim’s Guide to Self Publishing. It answered a lot of the questions that I couldn’t find answers for elsewhere. That reinforced the idea, in my mind, that this could be done by a one person shop.”
- Michael Brennan (February 2001 Colville’s Clubhouse interview),

“Dave Sim’s The Cerebus Guide to Self-Publishing is extremely useful if you can get your hands on a copy ... there’s a ridiculous amount of useful tips in it.”
- Steve Peters (August 2008 interview),

“My biggest influence when I first started my foray into making comics ... It was immensely informative and it got me started self-publishing and going to comic conventions.”
- Will Terrell,

“If you haven’t yet, you should read the Cerebus Guide To Self-Publishing, which has all sorts of good information in it.”
- Mike Kitchen,
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