Power to the People! Right and Left in the Age of Trump, by Scott P. Richert

Can centralized power be used for good, if it is placed into the right hands?  Does populism necessarily lead to the proper distribution of power?  Does political power necessarily corrupt—and lead people away from the Permanent Things?  Is there anything that the average citizen can do to revitalize culture, apart from politics?  Chronicles’ editor-at-large Scott P. Richert discusses these and many more topics that have come to the fore in the new Age of Trump, as the very definitions of “left” and “right” are changing before our eyes, in this, the Seventh Annual Ides of March Lecture on Democracy and Tyranny, delivered live at The Rockford Institute in Rockford, Illinois.  For more information, visit www.chroniclesmagazine.org

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  • Duration: 36 minutes, 31 seconds

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