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This video with Kateryna is inspired by our video "In front of her face" with our model Alena, which you can find here: 
Kateryna really enjoyed that video of Alena and she wanted to do the same as she thought it was a wonderful idea, to create a special and unique video.

There has been a lot of long hair videos online for a long time, but in most of the videos, you only see long hair brushing and maybe a braid from now and then.
We are not ridiculing those videos, because we love other long hair videos from other people as well, and the very long hair movement is getting really really big, which we love!
However, our mission is to not only create the best long hair content and inspirational content available. Our mission is also to create special videos where we really have to use our brain to think of how we can mae such videos.
As Kateryna is saying herself; "In RealRapunzels, you get to be really creative." She loves being creative, and what she means by that is that she can constantly think of new ways to create videos, new types of hair play etc.
That´s why we have special videos like this, which shows that having very long hair is not only beautiful and outstanding in every positive way, but also that it is very playful, funny and you can do a lot of things which girls and women without long hair can´t do.
This in itself is also an inspiring factor to all the girls and women that watches our videos for inspiration, motivation, hairstyles, knowledge etc.

Kateryna always wants to be the best of the best, so her modeling performance is top knotch in this video as well.
Everything from the way she does hairstyles and hair play to the way she does long hair poses is 100% perfect and she really knows her stuff.

She brushes her massive, wavy mane in the start of this video, which is an arm workout in itself. Then she makes sure that her hair is covering her face completely before starting to twisting it, just like she would do if she should make a bun.
However, she does not twist her hair to make a bun, but for making a thick coil of silky hair, which she wraps around her neck and secures, so that not only her entire head and face, but also neck is completely covered with her silky blonde locks.
After this, she makes a big bun right in front of her mouth, so in other words; a very low front bun, if we can call it that..
Then, something you don´t see everyday: Bundrop from in front of the mouth.. That´s new, right? 

A "half-bun", meaning that half of her hair is in a bun, while the other half comes out of the bun, tumbling down to her lap where it makes a silky pool of hair is the next hair play move she makes in this fantastic video!

She makes a thick dutch braid in front of her face, which looks perfect, towards the end of the video, and this woman got some hairstyle skills!
However, she could not withstand the intense heat her super long and thick hair makes, so she had to get some fresh air. Therefore, in the end of the video, she had to lift her hair up, to catch a breath.
This is a very playful as well as funny and special video, and it´s truly a one-of-a-kind video which you do not want to miss!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display in front of her face, wrapping her hair around her neck, hair twisting/twirling, a dutch braid in front of her face, half-bun in front of face, hairbrushing in front of her face and much more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 3. April 2018

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