Fully Configured Skyblock Setup!

Purchasing this package will allow you to download the .zip folder in which you will find all the setup files.


  • Fully configured ranks.

  • Fully configured crates.

  • Fully configured tablist & scoreboard.

  • Customized /help.

  • Customized /rules.

  • Customized essentials messages.

  • Fully configured kits.

  • Customized GUIs for /warps and /kits.

  • Pre-made /vote.

  • Fully configured chat formation.

  • Fully configured plugin messages.

  • Fully configured /music.

  • Fully configured ShopGuiPlus config.

  • Customized motd.

  • Automatic announcements.

  • Customized punishment messages.

  • Customized starter island GUI.

  • Customized island control panel.

  • Blocked commands such as /pl.

  • And many, many more!

After purchase:

    1. Stop your server.
     2. Delete all the previous files.
     3. Drag and drop the setup files.
     4. Drag and drop ShopGuiPlus.jar.
     5. Change every "Server" message into your server's name.
     6. Start the server.
     7. That's it, have fun!

Plugins you have to purchase:

  • ShopGuiPlus

Known Bugs:

  • None at the moment. Contact me if you find any!

By purchasing this setup, you agree with the following:

  • No refunds.

  • No chargebacks.

  • You may not re-sell this setup as your own.

  • You may not share, or give away this setup.

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