Build your Own Watermaker

BUILD YOUR OWN 45 GALLON PER HOUR WATERMAKER AND SAVE $$$$$. The watermaker manufactures want you to think that a watermaker is very complex and very expensive to build. They want you to think that making fresh water from seawater is rocket science. That might have been true some 20 years ago, but not today. All the parts are readily available for you to build your own watermaker and save thousands of dollars. I have done all the research, and have designed and built this watermaker. I would like to share my knowledge and show you how easy this watermaker is to build, and maintain. I will show you how to build a simple MANUAL system using only ball valves, or a fully AUTOMATIC system with all the bells and whistles. MY PLANS EVEN INCLUDE A 7-DAY AUTOMATIC FLUSH FEATURE. No need to pickle your watermaker when you’re away from your boat. You choose the features you want on your watermaker and build to that. I have many satisfied customers who have built my watermaker and tell me how easy it was to build and how great my plans are.   One of the Contributing Editors of Sail Magazine has built my system and He Saved a lot of money and loves it.   I have run this watermaker for SIX years now with out a single break down. I will show you how to power this watermaker from an electric motor, your boat's engine, or as I did from a small diesel engine. If your looking at a modular system you're paying for the profit for the parts they sell you. They will send you the same parts I used and you still have to put it together. The parts are under $2000.00 for a 45 GPH and under $1500.00 for a 24 GPH if you shop around. If you purchase a fully assembled unit you're paying for the manufactures profit on labor and parts. I give you everything you need to build a watermaker. Pictures, CAD drawings, manufactures parts list, part numbers, and step by step instructions. I learned a long time ago if it says MARINE it's expensive, so build it yourself and save money. I also added a 110 amp alternator to my system. I make 45 gallons of water and charge my batteries in one hour on 2/10 of a gallon of diesel. This system is very very efficient.
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