COMM 110 Week 3 YouSeeU™ Demonstration Presentation

 COMM 110 Week 3 YouSeeU™ Demonstration Presentation

To explore the use of visual aids and nonverbal and verbal communication, you will demonstrate a task. You may wish to create an outline to help structure your slides and guide your delivery.

Include the following to complete the assignment:




A video of yourself demonstrating how to do a task.  It is important to be mindful of your verbal and nonverbal cues throughout your demonstration.


A slide presentation that provides accompanying directions or information and effective visual aids to support your video.


Create a 5- to 8-minute video of yourself demonstrating a task.

You may select from the following list or seek instructor approval for another option.

Demonstration examples:




Prepare a recipe.


Demonstrate how to take care of a car.


Build or assemble an item, such as a piece of furniture or model plane.


Show how to clean something.


Share your hobby.


Create a do-it-yourself project or craft.


Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to support the video.  Slide text and visual aids should describe the process or event components and sequence.

Submit the assignment in YouSeeU™.  First load the video to the Assignments section of YouSeeU™; then follow the prompts to upload and synchronize your slide presentation so that the appropriate slide is displayed as you are speaking to related portions of the video presentation.
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