Product Selection and Total Amount calculation in Java

You should now develop a new application. Within this application you should design and implement a program that fulfills the following requirements:

  1. As an owner of an online shop, you offer several products.

  2. For the new application, please decide for your own on which product you will concentrate on.

  3. Then, write an application that will be used by your customer to select one or more pieces of the same product.

  4. Moreover, the customer could select between different product variants, as with the furniture or the jackets.

  5. After selecting one product variant, the customer will see the price for one piece of his choice.

  6. Additionally, the customer decides how many pieces of the same good he will order.

  7. The process described so far, will be executed again and again if the customer would like to order some other variants of the same product.

  8. Last, the program shows the total price.

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