BUS 211 Week 3 SWOT Analysis

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BUS 211
Week 3 SWOT Analysis



Resource: Your Week 3 collaborative learning team discussion and Ch. 3 of Introduction
to Business

 Complete the following with your learning team members. 

  • Research
    different examples of business plans found on the Internet. Choose one of
    them to use for this assignment.

  • Review the
    example of a SWOT analysis on p. 97 of the text.

  • Conduct a
    SWOT analysis of the sample business plan you selected with your team
    members. Use Appendix B as the template for your SWOT Analysis. 

Indiviually, write a 700- to 1,050-word paper examining the business plan you selected.
Include a SWOT analysis highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,
and threats of the company you chose.

 Post Appendix B and
your paper as an attachment.

 Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

 Click the Assignment
Files tab to submit your assignment.
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