You’ll graph your results by creating the 3-D clustered column graph shown in Figure 4. The graph includes the name of the office supplies and the total costs for January and February. (Hint: The labels on the horizontal axis are positioned at a –45 degree angle.) Be sure to add the correct information to the legend and to add a title to the graph. Align the top left corner of the graph with the top left corner of cell A23 when positioning the graph in the worksheet. Adjust the width and height of the graph as necessary to show all of the content.  FIGURE 4—Office Supplies Graph Graded Project FIGURE 1—Worksheet Data 2 PROJECT SCENARIO The office where you work would like to track the cost of office supplies used for a two-month period. As office manager, you’re asked to compare two months’ worth of inventory and prepare a graphical representation of the comparison to show the increase or decrease in supply use. You’re given the amounts by the purchasing department and must prepare an Excel spreadsheet to be sent to the Chief Financial Officer of your company. FIGURE 2—Worksheet with Data Entered In column E (cell ranges E5:E16), use an appropriate formula  to calculate the total cost for each type of office supply. Format the results in the Currency style. (Note: You’ll need to create your own formulas. There are several formulas you can use, but the ones you choose must produce the correct results and you must use cell references in your formulas.) In cell E18, use an appropriate formula to calculate the grand total of column E. Format the result in the Currency style. In column F (cell ranges F5:F16), use an appropriate formula to calculate the percentage of the grand total for each type of office supply. Format the results in the Percentage style. If necessary, decrease the decimal places to round the results to the nearest whole percent. In cell F18, use an appropriate formula to calculate the total percentage. Format the result in the Percentage style and decrease the decimal places if necessary to round the result to the nearest whole percent. (Obviously, the result should equal 100%.) Repeat these procedures for column J (Total Cost) and column K (% of Grand Total) for the month of February. (Place the grand total of column J in cell J18 and the grand total of column K in cell K18.) Again, remember to use formulas and cell references. Graded Project 3 CREATING THE WORKSHEET To begin, launch Excel and create the worksheet shown in Figure 1. Please be sure to include the shading in cell ranges A17:F17 and H17:K17. (The color choice is yours.) Save your file as Office Supplies. Highlight the range of cells A1:F1, merge the cells, and center the text. Format “January” in Arial, 12 point, bold font. Highlight the range of cells H1:K1, merge the cells, and center the text. Format “February” in Arial, 12 point, bold font. Click in cell A3. Format the text in Arial, 10 point, bold font. Format all the remaining text in row 3 in Arial, 10 point, bold font. Right align the text in the cells. Your worksheet should now look like Figure 2. Graded Project 5Computer Applications INTRODUCTION Now that you’ve worked with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you’re going to use your skills in a graded project using all three of these applications. This will give you another chance to practice your skills. You’ll use many of the concepts and techniques you’ve learned to complete this graded project.  Your project is divided into three parts: • Creating a memo with Microsoft Word •

 Creating a chart with Microsoft Excel • Creating a presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint, which includes data from your Excel chart SCENARIO Your boss has asked you to create a presentation summarizing the company’s sales for the previous year. She also wants you to send out a memo to employees inviting them to a  company meeting presenting these figures. YOUR TASK For this project, you’ll create a memo, using Microsoft Word, inviting employees to an annual meeting. Then, you’ll create a graph, in Excel, showing sales figures. Lastly, you’ll create a PowerPoint presentation, into which you’ll import your Excel graph, that will be shown at the meeting. 1FIGURE 1—Your memo should appear similar to the one shown here. Part 1: Creating Your Memo 1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. 2. Save your document as Rockway Memo. 3. Insert the current date at the top of the page in Times New Roman, 12 pt. Make sure you select the Update Automatically option when inserting the date. 4. Type and format the rest of your letter as shown in Figure 1. Be sure to use the following formats and fonts: • The title Rockway Gifts in Arial, 16 pt, blue color, and boldface font • TO:, FROM:, and RE: lines in boldface black Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and double-spaced • The body of the letter in Times New Roman, 12 pt, black color font, and single-spaced • 12-point spacing after paragraphs May 30, 20XX Rockway Gifts TO: All Employees FROM: Susan Smith, President RE: Annual Company Meeting and Barbeque On June 20, at 2:00 P.M., all employees of Rockway Gifts are  invited to attend the annual company meeting summarizing our sales efforts for the past year. The meeting will take place in the large conference room on the second floor. Following the meeting will be our annual barbeque in the courtyard. Feel free to invite your family to the event, which is expected to begin around 4:00 P.M. On behalf of all of us here at Rockway Gifts, thank you for a great year. Computer Applications 2Part 3: Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation 1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new presentation. 2. Save your document as Rockway Presentation. 3. Apply the Slice design template to all your slides as seen in Figure 5. If you don’t have the Slice design template, choose another suitable design template. FIGURE 4—Your Excel Worksheet  Computer Applications 5 
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