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BSHS 305 Week 1 Program Orientation and Human Services Foundations Worksheet

Resources: Ch. 1 & 2 of An Introduction to Human Services; and the Human Services Program Orientation Presentation

Complete the Program Orientation and Human Services Foundations Worksheet.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Program Orientation and Human Services Foundations Worksheet




Refer to the “Human Services Program Orientation Presentation” to complete this portion of the worksheet.


Answer, in a 50- to 100-word response, each of the following questions.





What does the Licensure Disclosure Statement say beyond providing a general foundation of human services theory and application coursework for students at entry levels in the helping professions?






If the human services program does not prepare you for licensure in your state, do you need to take the Human Services-Board Certified Practitioner examination to graduate from this program? Why or why not? What advantage might this give you for job prospects?






List some examples that have a BSHS worker occupational focus. Then, list some of the human services worker job titles you envision yourself pursuing after you obtain your degree. Why are you interested in those particular occupations?






What does the human services degree require in terms of criminal conviction and field experience service hours?






What is the preferred exit exam for human services professionals? How might taking it help your particular career prospects? Where can you obtain a practice exam?





Answer, in a 50- to 100-word response, each of the following questions.





Identify the four themes of human services.






Identify professional disciplines that influence human services.






How have societal viewpoints concerning mental illness or health influenced human services over the past three centuries?






How have societal viewpoints concerning child welfare influenced human services over the past three centuries?






How have societal viewpoints concerning incarceration and probation influenced human services over the past three centuries?






Explain how political and legislative changes have affected client care.






BSHS 305 Week 1 Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet

Complete Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Preparation for Learning Team Assignments Worksheet

The ability to work collaboratively with others is a critical skill in the human services field. Learning Team assignments will help you prepare for this challenge by requiring effective communication, timely management of tasks and deadlines, and cooperative problem solving. Keep in mind that your task is not simply to complete an academic assignment, but also to demonstrate the ability to collaborate effectively with others.


Note. Grades on team assignments take your participation in the team process into account.


Review the typical schedule for successful teamwork in BSHS/305, as shown below.


Typical Schedule





Each team member checks the team assignment in the syllabus by day 1 (Tuesday). Questions and suggestions for organizing the assignment are posted in the discussion area under the assignment.






Team members complete the readings relevant to the assignment early in the week so they can contribute meaningful ideas to the team discussion.






Team members complete assigned tasks and post their work in the discussion area for review no later than day 4 (Friday night).






Team members read and comment on each other’s work no later than the end of day 5 (Saturday). Comments can include questions if information is unclear or incomplete, suggestions for changes if needed, and approval if the information is ready to be included in the final assignment. There must be evidence of true collaboration in this step. Do not consider your work finished when you post your own ideas or portion of the assignment.






The team leader compiles all contributions into a single assignment and posts it for the team’s review no later than mid-day on day 6 (Sunday) to allow time for all team members to review it before submission on Monday.






All team members review and approve the final assignment. This is the time to proofread carefully to correct any spelling or grammar errors, check APA formatting as needed, and verify that all assignment requirements are met. Each team member posts a comment to indicate that he or she has completed this step no later than mid-day on day 7 (Monday).



Respond to each of the following questions with a minimum of 50-words each. Give each question careful thought.  Use writing skills that would be expected in a professional work environment—write in complete sentences with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.





Notice that teamwork requires frequent communication inside and outside of the classroom throughout each week. You will be expected to devote a minimum of 4 hours per week (in Weeks 2–5) on team communications and assignments. Failing to stay in communication, contribute to all steps, and meet team deadlines creates stress and conflict among team members and has a negative effect on grades. In the space below, discuss your readiness to meet the requirements for frequent team involvement.




















What strengths do you believe you will bring to your Learning Team? (Consider academic skills, communication skills, flexibility, leadership ability, and interpersonal skills.) How will you exercise these strengths to meet team goals?






















What questions or concerns do you have about working in a team? If you have had previous Learning Team experience, what did you find worked well to meet team goals? What problems, if any, did you encounter?






















As a future human services professional, you will be dealing with people in stressful circumstances. Some important skills in this field include the ability to effectively manage your own stress level and to remain professional while resolving problems or conflict. How do you normally respond to conflict or frustration? How will you respond if a teammate is not meeting your expectations? What ideas and tips from the Learning Team Handbook (linked in student materials for this assignment) can you use?




















BSHS 305 Week 2 Learning Team Charter

Read the Learning Team Charter Instructions.

Complete the Learning Team Charter Assignment.

Format your response according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BSHS 305 Week 2 Informational Brochure

Access the Brochure Builder.

Create an informational brochure, with a minimum of 350 words, that you could present to someone who is not familiar with the field of human services but who is contemplating a degree in the field. Include the following information in your brochure:




Identify the characteristics human service professionals typically possess.


Identify the various types and roles of human service professionals.


Format any citations in your brochure consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BSHS 305 Week 2 Mental Health Worksheet

Complete the Mental Health Worksheet.

Format any citations in your worksheet according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Mental Health Worksheet


Watch the Films on Demand video, “Wounded Platoon,” located in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.


Write at least 175-word responses to each of the following instructions. Your responses must be in complete sentences and use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.





















Describe in detail the types of mental health problems experienced by those who serve in the military, as illustrated in the video.





















What kinds of services are needed to address the mental health and other human services needs of our military? For each service you identify, indicate whether it best fits the medical, public health, or human services model, as described in Ch. 4 of the text.






BSHS 305 Week 3 Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet

Complete the Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet.

Format any citations in your worksheet according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet


Note. The ability to read and follow detailed instructions is an important skill in this line of work. Take your time to ensure that you have a clear plan for this assignment.


Read Ch. 7 of the text to gather the useful information to complete this assignment. No additional resources are needed. Remember that your work must demonstrate mastery of the assigned reading.


Read the following scenario:


Your client is a 24-year-old unemployed man. You know the following information about him:


He was referred to your agency by his probation officer following completion of a 6-month jail term for illegal possession and intent to sell a controlled substance. He attended group sessions for substance abusers during his incarceration. He must complete 12 weeks of outpatient counseling with you to satisfy his probation conditions. His probation officer says that the client is unhappy about this requirement, but he must comply or he will be returned to jail. The client has an 18-month-old daughter with his girlfriend. He insists his actions were only meant to provide income for his family.


Discuss the questions below with your team. Collaborate to decide the best way to answer the questions. Your combined ideas should be used to complete the worksheet. To be clear, only one worksheet is to be submitted on behalf of the entire team. This document must reflect the ideas of all team members who contributed to the assignment.


Post a draft of the completed worksheet for review in your Learning Teams discussion.





All team members are responsible for checking for accurate content, correct spelling and grammar, placement of citations, and correct APA formatting for citations and references. 


An advantage of teamwork is that you have several people proofreading the work. Do not hesitate to make suggestions to improve the assignment or correct errors if you find them. If you fail to post your review of the assignment, or if you approve the document and there are errors in spelling, grammar, citations, or the reference, points will be deducted. 


Revise and repost the draft, as needed, to incorporate needed corrections or suggestions for changes.

When the draft has everyone’s approval, the team leader for the week should submit the worksheet via the Assignment Files tab.


Note. Delete the above instructions when you submit this worksheet.


Learning Team Case Scenario Worksheet: Stages and Skills

TEAM ____

































Question 1: What are the five stages of the helping process? What would you do in each stage when working with this particular client? Minimum word count: 350 words
Question 1 Response: 


Question 2: Which communication skills would be most effective in working with this resistant client? Explain how they would be effective. Minimum word count: 350 words
Question 2 Response: 







BSHS 305 Week 3 Quiz

Complete the Week 3 Quiz.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Week 3 Quiz


Select the correct answer for each question by highlighting your choice.





The term client refers to all of the following EXCEPT


individuals, family, and neighborhood


the working poor, AIDS patients, and the underclass


Hurricane Katrina victims, Oklahoma City bombing victims, and Mississippi River flood victims


students, teachers, and coworkers






Two components of a problem are


a description and a course of action


a situation and a difficulty


an unsettled matter and a demand for services


determining who the client is and what the client needs






Which perspective is useful in determining client needs?


Hierarchical needs


Conflicting needs


Developmental process


Meeting needs






Client satisfaction is related to


making new friends


talking about problems


solving problems


making more money






Central to understanding who a client is and what problems are encountered is the idea that


everyone is a client


problems are a normal part of life


resources are critical for success


the support network must be utilized






Encouraging responsibility and promoting self-help are


the focus of questioning


supported by the office setting


the result of listening


the goals of the helping process






A strategy or technique that helps a client become more comfortable with the setting and the helper is














The stage during which goals are set is


exploring the problem




intervention strategies


client arrival






Examples of questions that are helpful and appropriate include all of the following EXCEPT


Could you tell me a little about yourself?


Why did you do that?


How long have you been ill?


How does that make you feel?






It is difficult to predict


what the client will need for prenatal care


what the client will experience as a problem


how the problem influences culture


how the person will use resources





BSHS 305 Week 3 Human Service Professionals and Helping Skills Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains how Human Services professionals engage clients and the community in the helping process while using specific skills to influence client access to engagement of services. Include the following in your paper:




Explain how human services professionals engage clients and the community in the helping process.


Describe the stages of the helping process.


Identify the specific helping skills that can be used with clients.


Explain how client personal history and perceptions influence access and engagement of services.


Provide a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.






BSHS 305 Week 4 Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation

Complete Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation.

Format any citations in your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Collaborating and Promoting Change Presentation


Review Ch. 8 of the text.  This is the only source you need for this assignment; additional research is not necessary.


Read the following scenario:


You are a caseworker at a small nonprofit organization that provides low-cost counseling services. Your organization is having great difficulty meeting the high demand for services and must find ways to collaborate with other providers in the community. There is currently no formal process for doing this, and no one is sure about what services are out there. Your supervisor asks your team to find answers to each of the following questions and to present your findings in a slide presentation for the staff:





How could your organization learn about other services in the community?


What information about the providers of these services would you need to have before you could refer clients to them?


What steps can your organization take to build an effective network with other providers in the community?


How can your agency promote community change so the needs of the population are better served?



Brainstorm ideas with your team, using your understanding of the assigned chapter, to address each of these questions. If you communicate outside of the classroom, remember to document this so everyone who participates gets credit for it.


Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes using the following guidelines:





Your presentation must have 8 to -10 slides and cover the required topics in an informative way.






Begin with a title slide and end with a reference slide.






Use three to five bullet points to summarize ideas on each slide, but include sufficient detail to thoroughly explain these points in the speaker notes section.






Cite your sources on slides and in speaker notes, where appropriate, according to APA formatting guidelines. Remember that you must cite paraphrases as well as quotations. Review the plagiarism tutorials linked in the student materials if you need a refresher on when and how to cite sources. The corresponding reference on your last slide must be written according to APA guidelines, as well. If you need help with these requirements, do not hesitate to ask your instructor.






Use Microsoft® PowerPoint® tools to create a visually appealing presentation. Use color, effective layout, and images to enhance the appearance of your slides. Ensure that all fonts are easy to read and that images are clear.






Proofread carefully to eliminate spelling or grammar errors. Your work on the assignment should showcase the team’s best work.



Post a draft of your presentation for the team to review. Carefully review the content, organization, and mechanics before approving the assignment for submission. If revisions or corrections are needed, a new draft must be posted for review.


Click the Assignments Files tab to submit your presentation after it has been approved by your team.





BSHS 305 Week 4 Ethical Decision-Making Scenarios Worksheet

Complete the Ethical Decision-Making Scenarios Worksheet.

Format any citations in your worksheet according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Ethical Decision-Making Scenarios Worksheet


For each scenario, discuss what the helper should do or should not have done. Support your answer with statements from the ethical standards for human service professionals (BOX 9.6 in Ch. 9 of the text) that provide guidance for each issue the helper faces. Your response must be thorough to demonstrate understanding of the ethical standards. Write in complete sentences with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

























































1.    Roseanne is a social worker with two preschool-aged children. Wanda, one of Roseanne’s clients, is a single parent who also has a preschool-aged child. Wanda has been unable to find work since she was laid off from her position at a daycare center that allowed her to bring her young son to work with her. She tells Roseanne that she is desperate for work, but even if she could get a job, she would not be able to afford childcare. Roseanne’s own daycare provider has just announced that she will be moving out of state at the end of the month. Roseanne is considering offering Wanda a job as her daycare provider.


2.    Caseworker Lee met with a Vietnamese family who had recently immigrated to the United States. The family was referred to him by a teacher who was concerned about the unkempt appearance of one of the children, a 7-year old girl. When Lee visited the home, he found that there were at least 12 people living in the two-bedroom apartment, which is a violation of the rental agreement. None of the adults spoke much English, so the 7-year-old translated for them. The child explained that the others in the household were her aunts, uncles, and cousins. Lee presented the parents with a standard consent-for-services form and directed the child to ask her parents to sign it.


3.    Ross is a social worker at a public high school. He is also a deacon at his local church, and he volunteers twice a month at a shelter for pregnant teens. At school, he met with a 16-year-old girl who confided that she is pregnant and asked for information on where and how to obtain an abortion. Ross is strongly opposed to abortion on moral grounds.


4.    Maria is a counselor at a human services agency working with Clarence, a 51-year-old man who was laid off from his job over a year ago and who has been unable to find work since. Lately, Clarence has become increasingly despondent and angry about being unable to provide for his family. He admits that he has been trying to find out where his ex-boss lives so he can “give him what’s coming to him.” When asked what he means by this, Clarence refuses to answer and angrily leaves the office.








BSHS 305 Week 5 Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report

Complete Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report.

Format any citations in your report according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Human Services Today and Tomorrow Report

Your team has been chosen by the mayor to revamp the way human services are delivered in your city. You have been given an unlimited budget and free reign to lease new facilities, create new programs and services, hire new people, and purchase new equipment to help the Human Services Department meet the demands of the 21st century, but you must provide persuasive evidence that these are justified.


To decide what recommendations you should make, first study Ch. 3 of the text. Make sure you have a good understanding of the following information:





The trends that predict the type of human services that will be needed in the future


Where and how human services are best delivered



To help you envision the kinds of changes and upgrades needed, review the following information, which describes how human services are currently handled in this city:





There is only one facility that provides counseling or psychiatric services, including both inpatient and outpatient care. It is located several miles outside the city, a decision that was made 75 years ago, with the idea that people with so-called mental problems were best kept away from the community. There is one administrative office in the downtown area of the city. Individuals must come to this office to apply for public assistance or, they can come to learn about available services. All paperwork is completed by hand and kept in file cabinets. Except for therapists at the psychiatric facility, employees work exclusively from this downtown office, so clients must travel to this location to keep appointments.



Review Ch. 3 of the text. This is the only resource you will need to complete this assignment.

Name your city. Be creative, as this is fiction.

Discuss each of the following questions with your team thoroughly:





What are the trends discussed in the reading that are likely to affect the types of services your city will need to provide in the future?


Based on the predicted needs that those trends indicate, what services should your city be prepared to offer? Remember, your budget is unlimited. Be as innovative and extravagant as you like.


Where and how would the services be delivered?


How could the department improve its use of technology to benefit clients and employees?



Write a 700- to 1,050-word report to the mayor, using the ideas from your team discussion that describes your recommendations. Explain the rationale for your recommendations, which must be supported by citations from the text. Remember to include a complete reference in APA format at the end of your report.


Additional requirements:





Your report must be so as to be clear, direct, and concise.


Organize the report well. Your content should flow in a logical sequence. Use headings to introduce each new main idea.


Spelling and grammar must be correct, including proper punctuation of sentences. A lack of professionalism could sink the mayor’s trust in you and cause him to revoke your budget.


While not required, you are welcome to add illustrations, diagrams, maps, or photos to add interest and visual appeal. Have fun with the assignment, as you will never have an unlimited budget again.









BSHS 305 Week 5 Final Exam

Complete the Final Exam.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Final Exam

Indicate your answer to each of the following questions by highlighting your choices. Each correct answer is worth .5 points.





Which one of the following skills best helps the human services professional understand the client’s environment?




Report writing


Problem solving








Ethical codes adopted by a profession are usually based on the premise that


the solution to every problem can be found in the ethical code


professions can police themselves.


professionals cannot be trusted to make their own decisions


ethical codes will eliminate mistakes in service delivery






The concept of less eligibility was introduced in 1834 to


punish criminals


limit the expansion of services to the poor


promote institutional reform in prisons, almshouses, and asylums


emphasize the benefits of social engineering






Which of the following would be consistent with the medical model approach to delivering human services?


Providing parenting classes for pregnant teens


Prescribing antidepressant medications


Providing subsidized housing


Running alcoholics anonymous group meetings







Managed care has influenced human services in all of the following ways EXCEPT


requiring more case management


requiring external review for all cases and procedures


recommending approval of the lowest level of care needed


raising the cost of services






Which one of the following best characterizes the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?


Patterned after the Manpower Development Act


Patterned after affirmative action legislation


Intended to provide people with disabilities access to goods and services 


Intended to address areas such as employment, goods and services, and participation in the political process






Clients seeking human services can benefit from technology


without worrying about confidentiality issues


without knowing much about computers themselves


without physically meeting with a professional


without worrying about the quality of services






According to the text, factors that influence how a client defines and resolves a problem include all of the following EXCEPT


the qualifications of the helper


the client’s developmental needs


the client’s cultural values


how the client perceives the situation






Supporting activities such as films, speakers, school programs, and pamphlets educate the population, which is a goal of the


human service model


public health model


medical model


all three models






The whole person refers to one of the following:


the person and his or her environment


the person and all the medical personnel involved


the person and relationships with all the family


the person and the problems he or she faces






Empathy is best described as


crying when someone else is hurt


feeling sorry for others


acceptance of others and seeing their situation from their perspective


being able to read another person’s mind






Self-determination is a critical value because


the worker has the expertise to make excellent choices


the client needs to assume responsibility


the worker needs to take more responsibility


the client is resistant to help






Which of the following is the process that assists helpers with understanding their own attitudes and feelings?




Clinical judgment




Ethical integrity






Important considerations when making a referral include all of the following EXCEPT


having the personal phone number and e-mail address of the person to whom you are referring the client


ensuring that the referral agency is able and willing to provide the service the client needs


knowing the eligibility criteria for the referral agency


determining that the referral agency is accessible geographically






The cornerstone of helping is


communication skills




the helping relationship


the clients






Which of the following is NOT true of crisis intervention?






It is a time-limited service.


It usually involves only one helper to provide services.


It focuses on the client’s current life situation.


The helper must quickly establish trust.






The client empowerment model is effective when


clients are part of the majority culture


clients can easily articulate their cause


clients have past experience organizing


clients are taught how to promote change






A code of ethics includes all EXCEPT


the goals of the profession


guidance for professional behavior


contributions to a professional identity


instructions for all ethical dilemmas






The worker’s assurance that information the client divulges will remain between the two of them reflects a commitment to














What term refers to the client’s right to know about helper qualifications, treatment procedures, costs of services, confidentiality, and access to records?


Information strategies


Knowledge sharing


Informed consent


Ethical disclosure


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