The base in this pack is for your use only through purchase. Please do not trace/steal/resell/place the file anywhere for others to access. By purchasing the base, you automatically agree to my terms of use.

R u l e s:

- Do not buy the bases for anyone but yourself, if you have a specific reason for this please contact me on FA or DA.
- YOU CANNOT MAKE ADD-ON'S FOR MY BASES. Not for any reason at all! I don't want to see such bullshit.
- You do not have the rights to sell my bases as just bases, refrain or I will be blacklisting you publically.
- When buying the base you don't need to directly inform me, but if you can on DA that would be nice!
- Any edits to the bases are acceptable, however editing does not change the term of not reselling the base.
- ALWAYS CREDIT WITH A LINK. I'm really not asking a lot here, but it's the most common issue!
- You may use the bases for adoptables, customs, personal refs, but not for commissions such as pagedolls or YCH.
- There will be no refunds, I have no way of gaining the security that you deleted the files, thus if you purchase all sales are final. You will not get around this rule.
- Under no circumstances are you allowed to post the base by itself unedited and available to the public, this includes .sai or .psd files as well! I don't care what your reason is, you may NOT post such files that contain access to the base.

Have fun guys!
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