Linde Order Picker Type 149: N20L, N20LI, N20LX SN above P02003 Operating Instructions (User Manual)

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Order Picker Type 149.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
N20L: SN above P02003
N20LI: SN above P02003
N20LX: SN above P02003

Format: PDF, 62 Pages
Language: English


   Plates and labels 
   Technical data
   Technical description
   General view 
   Multifunction indicator description
   Linking of screens
   Multifunction indicator adjustments
Operation / Daily checks and maintenance prior to operation
   Safety rules 
   Definition of terms relating to safety 
   Use of lubricants
   Report of thorough examination
   Operating recommendations
   Checks prior to initial operation
   Commissioning the multifunction indicator 
   Check forward/reverse and raise/lower controls
   Check electric steering 
   Check safety braking
   Check automatic braking
   Check emergency isolator operation
   Check horn operation
   Check the battery charge state
   Opening the battery cover
   Battery locking
   Connecting/disconnecting the battery connector 
   Recharging the battery with an external charger
   Check the condition of battery cables, terminals and connector
   Removing/replacing the battery
   Battery security locking
   Changing the battery with the help of a trolley
   Changing the battery with the help of wheeled support
   Instructions for use
   Emergency isolator
   Indication of direction of travel
   Forward / reverse travel 
   Reversal of direction of travel
   Direction of deflection in forward movement
   Walkie type steering
   Operating the truck on ramps 
   Ascending slopes
   Descending slopes
   Starting on a slope
Braking, lifting, lowering, horn
   Counter current braking
   Automatic braking
   Electrohydraulic brake
   Lifting / lowering the forks 
   Horn control
Using the lift device
   Speed limit with forks raised
   Hoisting and lowering the mast
   Hoisting and lowering the initial lift
Handling loads
   Reading the load diagram
   Picking up a load 
   Transporting a load
   Removing/Stacking a load
   Picking up a load at height
   Order preparation
   Picking up a load at the first level
   Before leaving the truck 
   Automatic monitoring of truck
Raising and towing
   Slinging the truck
   Lifting the order picker
   Transporting and storing the truck
   Removing the mast
   General remarks
   Working on the lifting mast
   Simplex mast
   Safety device for the simplex mast
   Standard lifting mast
   Safety device for the standard mast
   Duplex lifting mast
   Safety device for the duplex mast
   Checks and maintenance work after the first
   50 hours of service*
   Scheduled maintenance and inspection
Maintenance as required
   Cleaning the truck
   Cleaning the battery and battery compartment
   Adjusting the battery cover lock 
   Handling the detection pedal
   Open the motor covers
   Removing the platformcoating
   Check the fuses
Maintenance every 500 hours
   Check level of electrolyte and water supplement
   Check the electrolyte specific gravity
   Check the condition of battery cables, terminals and connector
   Check tightness of the wheels
   Check the state of the wheels
   Lubricating the steering gears
   Check the reducer fluid level 
   Check articulations
   Check hydraulic oil level 
   Check tightness of hydraulic circuits
   Cleaning the electrical plate and checking the connections
   Adjusting the electromagnetic brake
   Checking and replacing the traction motor brush if necessary 
   Checking and replacing the steering motor brush if necessary 
   Checking the condition and fixing the mast and chains
   Clean and lubricate chains
Maintenance every 1000 hours
   Checking and if necessary replacing the high lift
   motor pump brushes
   Cleaning the hydraulic filter and the tank breather 
   Check mechanical fixing of the components 
Maintenance every 2000 hours
   Replace the hydraulic oil
   Changing the reduction gear oil
   Recommended lubricants
   Hydraulic diagrams
   Electrical diagrams
   Index .
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