To Love Another Person: A Spiritual Journey Through Les Miserables

To Love Another Person: A Spiritual Journey Through Les Miserables

Book Description

Les Misérables, the powerful story of Jean Valjean's redemption, is beloved by readers and theatre goers everywhere. Why? Because Victor Hugo's epic novel explores, through Valjean's heroic journey and transformations, truths and delusions about politics, morality, justice, religion, and both romantic and familial love. In this invaluable companion and guide to Hugo's masterpiece author John Morrison shares with Les Miz fans the spiritual depth and breadth of this classic novel and popular Broadway musical.

Praise for To Love Another Person

"I've just put down your manuscript. I had not gotten far into it before I knew that I was sitting at the feet of an excellent teacher, theologian, and literary and drama critic."
Thomas Howard, author of
​C. S. Lewis: Man of Letters

"In his endorsement of Morrison's book, the great Thomas Howard has, correctly I think, called it literary and dramatic criticism of high excellence. More important, though, are Howard's references to Morrison as teacher and theologian: these cut more closely to the real achievement of To Love Another Person. Richly allusive (though easily so: Morrison's learning and his assimilation of it seem ever-present to his mind), the author's devotional reach and authenticity are utterly engaging -- and very quickly dynamic. The reader's vision -- first of Hugo's book, then of the Musical, thereafter of redemption, and finally of her or his own encounter with redemptive love -- are made anew."
James Como, author of
Why I Believe in Narnia (and other books) ​​

About the Author

The Rev. John E. Morrison, III is an Episcopalian priest and a retired English teacher. He holds degrees from Dartmouth College, Hofstra University, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He lives in Bridgewaters, New York with his wife Susan.
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