BIS 303 Week 5 Team Assignment Hospitality Information Systems Internal and External Customers

Week 5:
Learning Team
Hospitality Information Systems: Internal and External Customers

Resource:Baderman Island Virtual Organization

Accessthe Virtual Organization on the student Web site and select the Baderman Island organization as the basis for this final Learning Team assignment.

Preparea 1,400- to 1,750-word analysis of how Marketing for Baderman Island uses IT to overcome information overload and provide timely useful data for business strategies to external customers. Use the knowledge you have gained from previous hospitality information systems Learning Team assignments.

Identify the IT applications that would be connected to specific links and how they tie in to the property management system or the global distribution system.

Provide five specific examples of how the data received through the site may be compiled and used in strategic planning decisions, and contrast at least one proactive and one reactive decision-making strategy.

Howdo the IT database applications measure the achievement of strategic planning goals in the Baderman Island Virtual Organization example?

Formatyour paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Discussion Questions:

Information technology can support both beneficial and detrimental effects to a business and society on a whole. The use of information technology in e-business operations presents major security challenges, poses serious ethical questions, and affects society in significant ways.Do you agree, why?
What IT and security issues must be considered for an involuntary termination of an employee? What role does the employee’s job play in those considerations?
What proprietary systems are used in your organization? Provide three advantages and three disadvantages of a proprietary system versus an open platform. Are there future plans for reinvestment or replacement?
What is your organization’s policy regarding the replacement or upgrading of hardware and software? Are there scheduled replacements in the budget? How is a new software application introduced?
In your current organizational role, are you mostly involved in B2B, B2C or B2E transactions and interactions? How is that related to the business function within your work place?
What reports are routinely used in your job type? What changes to the reports would you recommend—frequency, consolidation of information, benchmarks, or comparison data—and what benefits would they provide?
What are some of the issues inherent in managing data? What methods may be used to identify data management issues? As a manager, how would you propose such issues be resolved?
Technological advances quickly become industry standards. The high cost of new technology drops over time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being on the cutting edge of technology vs. adopting a wait-and-see approach?
How does the use of Internet job posting and electronic job applications provide a competitive advantage over traditional channels? How may it affect the demographics of potential applicants?
A Front office manager at a hotel notices that guests' comment cards indicate slow check-in processes. How could this be a symptom of a people problem...a material resource problem...,or a systems problem. How would you go about determining the nature of the "Real" problem?

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