HW # 3 Answers

1.      Declare the following:

A.     An un-initialized data declaration for a 32-bit usigned integer


B.     An initialized data declaration for a 32-bit unsigned integer with the value “1234h”


C.     A null terminated string variable containing your name and favorite vegetable


D.     A symbolic constant named “MinutesInMonth” using the equal-sign directive and assign it an arithmetic expression that calculates the total number of minutes in a month.


2.      Show the order of individual bytes in memory (lowest to highest) for the following double word variable (use little endian order): var1 DWORD 2233129887h


3.      Show the following using assembler directives:

A.     How to declare a signed double-word array of eight elements and initialize the array with the following values: 43h, 32h, 25h, 12h, 99h, 44h, 77h, 88h


B.     Using the array created in part A of this question, show how to calculate the number of elements contained and assign the value to a symbolic constant named “ArraySize”


4.      Why is a string variable declared using the reserved word BYTE as opposed to WORD, DWORD or QWORD?


5.      Using the AddSub program from the textbook as a reference, write a program that adds three word sized integers using only 16-bit registers. Please embed program code into your homework submission.


6.      Write a program that prints War Eagle on your screen. You can use the following.  Assemble and generate the output using MASM and Visual Studio.  Embed your output in your submission.  




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