Application that allows to run a mediateca (media Library),

In this project the students are supposed to develop a application that allows to run a mediateca (media Library), allowing the insertion and consulto f relevant information. Description The application should be able to run a mediateca that is constitued by two types of media (CD’s and DVDs). Each article has a unique article number, a title and a year [instance variables – must be all private!!]. Aditionally, each CD is identified by its singer and musicalStyle (pop, rock, dnb …) [instance variables] and each DVD by its own director and genre (drama, comedy …) [*note: the selector methods (get) is used on the project to return the value of each instance variable]. Aditionally each article has two types of evaluation [really similar as in the way each article has two types of evaluation - theorical and pratical] one given by the consumers and the other given by the critics. Each evaluation goes from 1 to 5. The critic evaluation is a unique value given only one single time. The consumer evaluation is dynamic and it will update itself each time a consumer evaluates a certain Media, and the final evaluation will be the average of all the evaluations given by all the consumers. The mediateca has a group of members that are able to ask for a loan of a Media. A member is charicaterized by his name, surname, age and unique member code [on our current project this is randomally generated] [and the member equals the student in our current project]. There are two types of members: premium and standard. A standard member can ask for 2 loans of CDs and one of a DVD at the same time during a max period of 3 days. A premium member can ask for 5 media of any type for a week, This means each loan has to have the date when the loan was made and the expected delivery date. If any article is delivered with delay the member will be penalized, not being able to ask for anymore loans during the timeline of a month. The mediateca has a system that for each time a member brings a new member to the library the delivery date of his loans will be extended by 1 day. The application should allow to :  Create new CDs and DVDs and gve unique numbers to each [Similar to creating subjects or creating a new course]  List all CDs and DVDs registered on the mediateca. For each article it should be shown the year, the title, the singer/director and the musicalStyle/genre [Similar to listing all the subjects of a course, or all the students from a certain edition(year) from a subject]  Selective listing by type of Media, year or singer/director ( the 3 should be implemented)  Input a evaluation given by the critics [Similar to giving evaluations to each student]  Input a evaluation given by the consumers and update it (average of all the consumers evaluations for a certain Media)  List all CDs and DVDs ordered by the critic evaluation [Similar to ordering the students by its grade]  List all CDs and DVDs ordered by the consumer evaluatiion, refering the number of votes for each Media aswell  Create new members( premium and standard) and automatically give a unique number to each  List all members  Members should be able to ask for loans  Members should be able to return a certain Media  List all products loaned to a certain member, refering the expected delivery date and if they are still on time  Exit the application [Do it EXACTLY the same – no need to change this at all]  It should be able to insert the information (CD, DVD, member…) in two ways: trough the keyboard and trough a texto file, in the second case you should create a text file outsider of the program and then import it to the program (no need for more) [Do it exactly the SAME way, just change the name of the variables ] Plus the students should display error messages when a error occurs.
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