[SOLVED] Program returns a primary simplex problem of a given optimum solution in Java

Deterministic Models Programing Project:

  1. This project requires programming a code which returns a primary simplex problem of a given optimum solution.

  2. The program can be written in VBA or JAVA.

  3. For simplicity, the optimization problem constraints will only involve “less than or equal to-“ inequalities. 

  4. The program should be able to collect the following input: * The number of decision variables * The number of constraints * The final simplex table

  5. The program will generate the objective function, the constraints of the primary problem and their values.

  6. Additionally, if there is a special solution for the simplex (e.g., unbounded, or infinite solutions) the program should generate a message with the relevant information. 

  7. The program should allow the user to request a specific segment of the final table in accordance with the revised simplex method taught in class (B^(-1),b,C_b,Y,B^(-1)∙b…), and naturally, to generate the requested data.

  8. Each program code must contain opening notes, and descriptive notes throughout the code.


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