The Reading Book by Miss Rhonda

Learn to master note reading with Miss Rhonda's book of note-reading exercises for all levels of piano students.

The Reading Book offers short and simple exercises that are not complicated by fingering or rhythm. It offers the chance for students of all ages to focus solely on note-reading mastery by offering 69 pages packed with sight-reading exercises for every note on the staff and every level of piano.

Whether you are a brand-new beginner student, an intermediate, or a returning piano student, this book (along with music flashcards) offers a path to complete note-reading mastery.

Instructions are included in the Table of Contents so that you'll know exactly how to approach the exercises successfully.

The reason so many people struggle with note-reading is because it's often not presented in a way that's simple and repetitive. During the course of over twenty years of teaching, Miss Rhonda has been successful in teaching ALL of her students to read notes. 

Her method is specific yet simple:

  • Learn in small and simple portions, without rushing to the next level

  • Don't move on to the next hand position until the current one is easy for you.

  • Keeping reviewing flashcards and exercises long after you've mastered them

The Reading Book has been successfully used in Miss Rhonda's Teaching practice, as well as in music schools and libraries across the country.
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