Brutality of women

Since time immemorial, gender has greatly dictated the position of people in the society and specifically that of women. When the issue of being female is integrated with the idea that these women are colored in a society dominated by the white people, it even becomes more complicated for them to cope due to the discrimination by some members of the society. With these facts in mind, Walker (1985), in her novel “The color purple” clearly reveals the plight of the black women in America. Being a black writer, Alice Walker clearly understands the challenges, difficulties and brutality that the black women encountered on a daily basis including rape, incest, racism, violence and slavery among other struggles and how they managed to survive in those hard conditions. The characters in the novel are presented as facing extreme suffering thought to be beyond human ability to endure and the reasons for their suffering is clearly illustrated. This paper analyzes Walker’s representation of the brutality that the black women face in a society where they are a minority
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