Todd, a junior network administrator

Todd, a junior network administrator, is given the task of providing feedback on routing, specifically the routed, nonroutable and routing protocols. It should also address routing congestion. Todd knows that nonroutable protocols cannot go across local area network (LAN) boundaries and that routed ones can transport data across networks. Todd needs help, however, to make a complete feedback report.

Please post an answer to the following questions. Also, support your answers with academic or real IT examples to accentuate your point. Also, you must provide at least 2 feedback posts to one of your classmates.

• Do you think the term routing congestion can be replaced by network congestion? Why?
• In your opinion, what is the purpose of nonroutable protocols? Is there a legitimate reason for having nonroutable protocols? Do you think they can be replaced and with another type of protocol or innovative system?
• Be sure to explain differences between routed, nonroutable and routing protocols. Provide examples.
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