Montessori Six Kingdoms Complete Printable Package

Making Montessori Ours is now offering a Six Kingdoms Complete Set of Printable Charts and Activities. I spent a great deal of time trying to find affordable cohesive complete set of quality charts and materials that had support activities and information to go with them. I found tons of amazing stuff out there some very very expensive and some not so, but in the end could not find what I was looking for. So we have spent a great deal of time creating our own! Now we are offering the complete printable package to you. This is a HUGE file!! Our Six Kingdom files contain 180 Pages including the materials and instructions, suggestions for use and also included are materials and suggestions suited to create lap books and journals with your children should you choose. Check our post for a complete list of materials included. The materials are scale-able to include smaller children in various activities as this was also a need for us. The next two files included are a set Eukaryotic Cell 3 Part Cards and Prokaryotic Cell 3 Part Cards and Definitions. I have also included a full set of printable labels to help you organize your materials!!
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