Emotional Sadness: Sentimental Orchestral Production Music

A calm, lush, and beautiful background orchestral music track. This track features a pad of low and resonant strings playing open fifths while beautiful and slow melodies performed by a solo cello and bassoon are played above.

This music is cinematic and sentimental, perfect for film, tv, ads, and games as well as projects related to yoga, concentration, and wellness.

Four edits included:
"Emotional Sadness" complete: 3:31
"Emotional Sadness" 2-minute edit: 2:07
"Emotional Sadness" 1-minute edit: 01:51
"Emotional Sadness" ad spot: 0:23
102 BPM
This music includes a standard Royalty-Free License. For extended licenses (for broadcast or more than 10,000 physical copies) please contact the author.

16 bit 320 KPBS .MP3 and 44.1 .WAV files included

Included License:

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