Cinematic service - Your choice

This is for people who can not record, but want their own exclusive cinematic created by yours truly.
These cinematics will be made just for you to use, and you can request specific cinematics (up to 15-20).

Each pack is $5, containing 15-20 cinematics (it may vary depending on games and techniques).
Games I can record: - COD4 (All DLC)
- MW2 (All DLC)
- MW3
- BO1 (All DLC)
- BO2 (All DLC)
- BO3 (All DLC
- COD: IW (All DLC)
- COD: MWR (All DLC)

*EDIT* If you want me to make the cinematics more special, using different tools for fog, DOF etc, then please pay a little more than the standard price. It will take me a lot more time to record with DOF for BO3, or do custom DOF for any other game. I won't change the standard price, but I would be very thankful if you could pay just a little more for the extra effort I'd put into making these cinematics.
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