Exhibist Magazine Issue 8

Issue 8 has a special focus on Artist Residencies.

The magazine features interviews with Aaron Cezar, founding director of the Delfina Foundation in London and Istanbul based artist residencies maumau, Pasaj, Halka Art Project and arthere. An essay by Julie Upmeyer focuses on her experiences with running, working with and attending artist residency programmes, while another essay by Anna Zizlsperger portrays the stories of 6 international artists, who have lived in Istanbul within the frame of artist residencies.  The artists included here are Jeremiah Day, Gabriele Caravaglia, Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen, Marieke Warmelink, Anna Bak and Sophia Pompéry.

The issue also introduces established artists from Turkey such as Ferhat Özgür, Can Altay, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Nancy Atakan, Cevdet Erek and Nevin Aladağ.

An extensive art guide to worldwide artist residency programmes is included in a special focus section of the magazine.


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