XCOM 285 Week 6 CheckPoint - Group Communication

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Write a 200- to 300-word response to the following:

• Many businesses organize their departments into teams, to support one another and complete projects. Consider how these teams work together and what aspects of group communication need to be considered to have successful communication.

Respond to the following questions in your answer:

• How does group communication differ from individual communication? Define group communication in your own words, in three to five sentences. Discuss strategies used to promote individual and group communication.

• What conflict resolution strategies could be used in case of disagreement?

• What strategies can be used to foster group communication? Provide examples of how these strategies can be used.

Group communications.
Group Communication consists of a group, or team of people working together to accomplish certain goals or tasks. Everyone in the group contributes various aspects to the discussion and provides their point of views to citations. Things are handled better through group communications, because more than one person is contributing their thoughts and ideas to the subject matter. Group communication is different than individual communication because group communication consists of a group of people communicating together to reach a conclusion while individual communication is communication between one individual to another.
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