Respite Care - - Part II Benefits of Respite Care


In the
last PTCH Respite Care wad defined and explained as a service for parents of
children with severe disabilities. This PTCH will explain the benefits to
parent of respite care

addition to providing direct relief, respite has added benefits for families,

Relaxation: Respite gives families peace of mind, helps them
relax, and renews their humor and their energy

Enjoyment: Respite allows families to enjoy favorite pastimes and
pursue new activities

Stability: Respite improves the family’s ability to cope with
daily responsibilities and maintain stability during crisis

Preservation: Respite helps preserve the family unit and lessens the
pressures that might lead to institutionalization, divorce, neglect and child

Involvement: Respite allows families to become involved in
community activities and to feel less isolated

Time Off: Respite allows families to take that needed vacation,
spend time together and time alone

Enrichment: Respite makes it possible for family members to
establish individual identities and enrich their own growth and development.
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