SOC203 Wk 1 dis 2

Homelessness can be seen as a social problem in numerous ways ranging from public safety to economic strain.  If a person with a mental illness is outplaced and is living on the streets, that can become a very dangerous situation.  The constant resources that are put into homeless indviduals to push them out of areas or into a jail cell.  And if tax payers are pretty much already paying for their housing when they go to jail, why would it be worse to pay for them to have a decent living and a foot up to hopefully become a productive member of society.  I feel the money is already being spent, so we need to just put that money in the correct place.  Korgen & Furst (2012) even say that utilizing these "supportive housing services" cost less than it does to take care of them through hospitalization and incarceration.  It doesn't even have to be about the compassion side of the coin, most people either want to keep more of their taxes or know that it is being put to good use, and in my opinion this is good use.  I feel the only issue I have with this would be those who would try to take advantage of the programs.  This should not be a fall out or "Plan A" but rather a place for those truly in need.
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