Module 09 Assignment:

Module 09 Assignment:

The purpose of this assignment is to provide practice with designing and developing a Java program using exception processing.


Take your Module 7 Java code and do the following:

 Replace your test driver with a main method to interactively create, update (ex. make deposits, withdrawals), and inquire (ex. get balance) Checking and savings accounts.

 Refactor your project to use exception processing.  The resulting program should trap simple errors for example invalid money amount (ex. negative  number), invalid command, etc.  Make sure you have reasonable exception processing (for example rejecting an invalid deposit amount should not crash
the program but inform the user and have them try again or take them back to the main menu).

It is expected your program should function even if your Module 7 project did not.

Remember your classes should protect themselves from invalid data.  Your classes could be reused by a different program and should reasonable protect themselves.

Compress all of your Java source files for this project and create a single compressed zip file (a .zip file, not .bz2, .gz, etc.) and submit it to this Blackboard assignment.
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