ENG 208 Beowulf

The Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf can be divided into three sections.  Section one focuses on Beowulf as a young warrior with a desire to prove himself and to establish his reputation as a legendary warrior.  Beowulf resoundingly proves himself in the battle with Grendel (Beowulf 662-835) .  The second section deals with the battle with Grendel’s mother.  This section centers on the theme of vengeance.  Beowulf seeks vengeance against Grendel for terrorizing Hrothgar’s people.  In turn, Grendel’s mother wants revenge against her son’s murderer, Beowulf (Beowulf 1251-1650) .  Section three concerns the hero’s fate.  Beowulf, now an older man and King of the Geats, realizes that he will not survive the battle with the dragon, but it is his responsibility to protect his people.  With the wisdom of an older man, Beowulf is also concerned with maintaining his reputation (Beowulf 2200-3182).
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