The Team Alvyre is happy to present you the fourth map in the alvyre Selfy, ! that map is a survical map, but in a island, a custom island 640x640, you have to survive, create your own home, battle zombies in a beautiful world with amazing montanes and customs trees ! Enjoy !
The map in build by:

- IDoraken
- Dyka
- Theoparadis
- Batbanzai
- Shoto
- Volcumix

If you bought and want to use the map you have first to put the file " THE SURVIVAL ISLAND By Alvyre " in "saves" in .minecraft

When you will be in the map you can begin your adventure ! If you have any problem contact the Team Alvyre with the mail: [email protected]

Thanks for the download !

Terms of Service:

Don't claim you built it
Don't refund
Don't chargeback
Don't resell
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