While currently working as a chemical engineer at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company of Danville, VA (Forbes Fortune 500 Company), spending time with my family and friends, and learning and improving myself are all things that I really enjoy; it is not where I planned to be at this point in my life. Where there is no vision, the people perish: Vision statements are tools to help one introspect and realize the path to take to reach the future one desire. There is a need for clear communication in our heads to define the path to tread the journey which will ultimately lead us to our goals

My five year plan is to open a Social media agency company, go to a Graduate school and travel at least 5 countries.

Today I am working as an engineer and still trying to figure out what goes around in organizations and how teams functions. I learn and save money to plan for my unforeseen future. Sometimes, it gets confusing and tiring but it’s important to keep pushing hard to learn and never cease to get a sense of achievement and fulfillment from the work that we do. Today my life looks pretty much like the picture below!
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