ITM 501 Mod 2


     The purpose of this paper is to discuss the lessons learned from the Clinic and Resort cases about creating, implementing, and using Business Intelligence (BI). After my stance is made, I will present as much evidence as I can against my position.  Finally, my original stance will be reviewed and re-affirmed.  I will complete this assignment in a 5 to 7 page paper.


    Both companies learned lessons when implementing business intelligence, to include analysis the performance of their current databases and deciding the capabilities wanted by the new software.  They learn that by being honest about the limitations of their current database was hurting the productivity of the company badly.  They learned to apply the principles of businesses intelligence this process could be very effective.  This includes business strategy, best practices and BI solution by purpose, when applying the BI principles.  Because these companies were smart enough to use this as a guideline it allowed the company to find the best fit for them.
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