HRM 324 Week 2 LT - Best Practice Article Summary

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Week 2 LT - Best Practice Article Summary

HRM: Total
Compensation Plan's Internal and External Equities

an article (any source) on one best practice exercised by any HR management
department/team. This could be your own organization, if there is an
article or newsletter, or a famous organization or one that has a supporting
article to include. The focus is to identify HR's role in identifying
external or internal equity used within a total compensation plan.  What
method(s) were used to identify the external or internal factors that the team
considers effective to be a 'HR best practice'?  Include any other reasons
for the team's decision in the summary.  Remember
to cite the article.

a 350-700-word summary in which you appraise the practice described. Briefly
describe how this best practice could be applied to your organization or one
with which you are familiar. This assignment is intended to reflect the
week's 1-3 course material and discussions.

assignment does not adhere to APA guidelines and is to be submitted to each
student's individual forum in the Microsoft Word format. The article used must
be cited in the summary submitted. This assignment is worth five (5)

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