John F. Kennedy Assassination CIA Reports - Download

1,287 pages of CIA reports, produced mainly during the months after the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963, copied from material held at the National Archives and Records Administration.

The files date from December 9, 1960 to October 20, 1964.

Much of the material covers the time Lee Harvey Oswald spent in the Soviet Union and his visit to Mexico City two and half months before the death of President Kennedy. A CIA produced narrative chronology gives an annotated timeline account of the Oswalds in the Soviet Union from October 1959 to November 1962, based on personal documents, interviews and official and un-official correspondence. A report titled "Name List with Traces" contains the names of persons in the Soviet Union known to or mentioned by Lee Harvey Oswald and Marina Oswald. Entries include identifying information from name traces.

Highlights in this collection includes:

A sworn affidavit by CIA Director John A. McCone that Lee Harvey Oswald was not an agent, employee, or informant of the Central Intelligence Agency.

A translation of the transcript of an intercepted telephone conversation between Cuban President Dorticos and the Cuban Ambassador to Mexico, Joaquin Hernandez Armas, which took place on November 26, 1963.

A February 17, 1964 report prepared for the Warren Commission entitled "Soviet Use of Assassination and Kidnapping." It sets forth information from a variety of sources on KGB employment of assassination and kidnapping techniques to eliminate enemies of the USSR abroad.

A report by future Director of Central Intelligence, then Deputy Director for Plans, Richard Helms, about a 45 minute conversation between Drew Pearson and Soviet Chairman Nikita Khrushchev in Cairo on May 24, 1964, concerning the Kennedy assassination.

A report generated to fulfill a request by Warren Commission General Counsel J. Lee Rankin on Soviet "brainwashing" techniques. The report is titled, "Soviet Research and Development in the Field of Direction and Control of Human Behavior."

A report by Richard Helms to the Warren Commission about the CIA's approval and disapproval of the release of certain CIA documents provided to the Warren Commission. Includes suggestions for modifications and replacement of certain reports before they are published by the Warren Commission.

Reports analyzing world reaction to the assassination of President Kennedy, especially in the Soviet Union and Cuba.

Detailed reports on the background of Marina Oswald and her relatives, her life in the Soviet Union is examined in several reports.

Report titles include:

Translation of Interrogation Reports of Silvia Duran

Analysis of World Reaction to President Kennedy's Assassination

Suggested Questions for Marina Oswald

Chronology of Oswald in the U.S.S.R

Biographic Information on Marina Oswald and her Family

Information Developed by the CIA on the Activity of Lee Harvey Oswald in

Mexico City 28 September - 3 October 1963

Soviet use of Assassination and Kidnapping

Summary of Findings in Regard to Allegations by Mohammed Reggab Relative to Marina Oswald

Information in CIA's Possession Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald Prior to November 22, 1963

Article Alleging that Oswald Was Interviewed by CIA in Moscow

Information disseminated to the Secret Service but not yet made available to the President's Commission

Opinion of Central Intelligence Agency in Regard to Circumstances of Oswald's Acceptance by the Soviet Government in 1959

Criteria for Dissemination of Information to the Secret Service; Recommendations of the Central Intelligence Agency Relative to Presidential Protection

Contacts between the Oswalds and Soviet Citizens - 13 June 1962 to 22 November 1963

Marina Oswald's Notebook

Lee Harvey Oswald's Access to Classified Information about the U-2

Role of the Cuban Intelligence Service in Processing Visa Applicants;

Reaction of that Service to the Assassination of President Kennedy

Allegations of Pfc. Eugene B. DINKIN, U.S. Army, Relative to Assassination Plot against President Kennedy

Conversations between Cuban President Dorticos and Ambassador Hernandez Armas, Cuban Ambassador to Mexico

Allegations Regarding Intelligence Training School in Minsk, USSR

Soviet Research and Development in the Field of Direction and Control of Human Behavior

Discussion between Chairman Khrushchev and Mr. Drew Pearson re Lee Harvey Oswald

Statements Reportedly Made by George and Jeanne De Mohrenschildt Concerning Lee Harvey OSWALD and the Assassination of President Kennedy

Apparent Inconsistencies in Material Furnished the Commission by CIA and the Department of State.

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