140 bpm

Cellos, Basses, Organ, Violins, Violas, French Horns, Percussion


High-energy, fast-paced, and memorable, this is a great background to your 2D platformer. It was actually written for a 2D platformer, which is why it will loop back on itself so well. Like Ouroboros! If you're looking for a high school mascot, PLEASE consider Ouroboros. I'm not sure if it would make for great cheerleading routines, or if it would end up looking more like a human centipede.... But there is one way to fine out! Go! Fighting Ouroboroses!!

 This download includes the following files:

Obliteration - Full Mix.wav

Obliteration - High Strings.wav

Obliteration - Horns.wav

Obliteration - Low Strings.wav

Obliteration - Misc.wav

Obliteration - Organ.wav

Obliteration - Percussion.wav

Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0.pdf


ISRC: USUAN1700042
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