90 Day Booty Builder

This comprehensive program is a no fluff, no BS approach to developing your glutes as quickly and efficiently as possible. Leveraging the science behind muscle hypertrophy and proper nutrient timing, we will put you into an optimized development state for 12 straight weeks.

This program will build a bigger, round, toned, and lifted butt. The detailed training regimen is optimized to minimize time in the gym while maximizing your results. Each session will take less than an hour to complete. Online support from Dan and Liz Krueger is included with your program and will ensure you stay on track for 12 weeks and achieve your goals.

When you make your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access your eBook.

Please check your spam and junk folder if you are unable to find this email. In addition make sure you save the eBook because the link expires after a period of time. Contact [email protected] with any enquiries.
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